Monday, June 16, 2014

Longing For The Past

Uninvited days past appear at the door of my present.

They push inside to fill the heaviness in the room. A smile begins to form across my weary face. 

Uninhibited laughter, passionate entanglements, mundane and easy tasks; all flickering a pretty picture.

Actively watching the gloriously faded memories now vividly replaying in my mind.

But the door closes eventually, and I'm again fully toiling in the sorrow 
which summoned another life.

Tears, uninvited, fall silently. The wetness glazes over the joy. Images from a previous time return for safe-keeping until my mind summons them... yet again.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Beautiful Pain

"Pain is what creates my music."  Pink

I'm a big fan of the creative genius that flows out from her mind. She's talented, open, free, loud, intelligent and so human. Her pain translates the intricacies of human nature; shows us our own flaws in her experience and offers up the solutions for peace. Thank you, Pink!