Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Got You

"If love is knowing and accepting someone for who they truly are, and feeling
 the same in return, this is as visceral and connecting as it gets."

Julie Lynn

We're on the same page. I accept you as you accept me.

We're together.

I'm safe... so are you.

Life will not tear me down as long as I choose to protect you and me. 

I hope that means forever...

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Life Is Deaf

Crying out in an I Don't Care World. Your answer is silence. Crickets...
It doesn't pay attention, life just continues on.

Understand that. Know it. Try not to feel hurt by it. Keep moving... one foot in front of the other.

Strength can come again. Just let it. Don't let the indifference of life determine if you'll accept it.

Keep speaking despite the obvious disability of life. The beauty is when you hear the truth you need.

In reality, you never really needed life to be the teacher. You just needed to be the willing student.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not Superhuman

I do not have my shit together. But the current situation is under control.

Susi Bocks

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shattering The Hold

Intensity laced with lunacy... it's seductively subliminal.

Past hurt swept away by the look masquerading as deeply in love... it's not love.

It's danger.

And it easily has you... if you are not careful.

The fiery element of psychological warfare playing out in the depths of your mind.

Don't be deceived by the charm of the snakes, the force of the demanding ones
or by the egos of those where clever observation never occurs.

They will hurt you. Maybe not right away, but they will.

The scars of learning are deep, and never healing.

See it before it gets a hold of you.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm Alone

Your game doesn't include me.
It never really did.

You think you direct the outcome.
You don't.

The wheel was in your control for so long.
Not anymore.

I don't like the direction we're going.
It's not the destination I'd choose.

You need it.
I don't.


I'm really ok.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Don't Waste Your Time
It's a struggle to define the concept of life, but imagine it's another word for time.

Contentment is not just accepting.
Acceptance is settling for things you didn't achieve.
Achieving creates happiness.
Happiness is living your life in your way.

If fully engaged in living life, that's action. You are not simply watching time go by. But you must decide if you are going to connect to who you really are. And especially, what you really want.

Life exists with you in it or not; every minute continuing to go by.

Your time is precious. Really.

In other words YOU are precious; your LIFE is precious. Really.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Never Really Knew You

You're a mystery to me, then and still.

I remember you, but I don't know you. Our interactions were few, my memories of you even less.

You were meant to be an important part in my life. It was what you chose to be. But that didn't translate. I was alone, without you being by my side or having my back.

The space you occupied you didn't share. Why? Did you just want to remain anonymous? Maybe revealing would have been too painful. Remaining secluded in your own private world where you felt safe was better for you.

I wanted to know you. But somehow I failed. No. You failed me.

I only got to see the outside you presented to the world. Was there more going on or really nothing at all? I wouldn't know. You didn't share yourself with me. I should have been one of the most important people to do that with. Didn't you like me or did you just not know how?

So many questions...

Did you achieve your goals? Were you satisfied with your life at all and especially at the end? I didn't know then or now. You were so quiet and not revealing of yourself.

Years you were in my life, and I didn't know you. Now you're dead to me.

There's no hope of ever knowing the real you now.

Such a waste of precious moments that were shared with you. They could have been spent on other people who wanted to foist their humanity into my space willingly and with good intention.

You don't feel like a loss because I never had you... really, ever.