Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In That Moment

One wants to hold on to the sometimes elusive quality-filled emotions we experience. We know they feel like they will continue on forever. But they don't.

In that moment, it all feels right, smooth. All the jagged edges and kinks of your day have ironed out leaving you feeling silky and slinky all at the same time. You are feeling good, you are content, and you are wholly joy and happiness. It's as if this moment is the best moment you could ever experience.

Eventually, another moment comes along making you steer in a different direction all together. Someone has pissed on your parade, asked a stupid question, made you mad or any number of things that distract from that warm, content moment in time. It felt so brief, and almost not real anymore.

The next moment might take you right back to where you want to stay, or not. And that too glides into another moment. Maybe one of you being where you don't want to be, again. It feels like a chase to experience the next good moment, only to realize that we can't ever really hold on to it tight enough. It goes away.

But maybe it will come back again. Hopefully.