Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eternal Life Exists, Always Has

I really won't ever die. I can't. Life doesn't die, it just changes how it presents itself.

My beginning, my current state and my future began in a past I've never experienced. I give thanks to where I came from, contributing valuable pieces of me to my present and determining what I will become as time continues to pass. The compilation called me, the fabric of my being - even when that life expires, goes on to exist in a different form of life.

So I'm here now, I always have been and I will continue to exist. Elements of what and who I am/was/will be, live on and on, now and forever, in an infinite number of versions of me. I am life and I am eternal.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lover, Are You Listening?

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I don't want someone who adores me. Or puts me on a pedestal, and claims they can't live without me. 

What I crave and what I need is someone who knows themselves or, at the very least, is trying to figure out what makes them tick. If they seek to create a relationship outside of themselves, it only enhances their persona; it doesn't define who they are.

If I go down that path of bringing someone into my world, I desire people who first want to know me and then take the time to actually do that. When that someone eventually understands my thought process, a strong bond ensues as my intellect and my body are piqued in arousal, demanding fulfillment and satisfaction. Complete abandon occurs when their humanity matches my own.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Removing The Agitation

There are a million things going on, ten thousand projects to finish, so many different tasks to be completed; the frenetic emotions leaving you exhausted as you try to tackle all things seemingly at once.

It's anxiety producing and maddening.

I realize I am only a decision away to not feeling that state of mind. It's a defiant act in the face of the overwhelming. And it is calm recaptured.

Today I say to myself  "To all the responsibilities - I will get there when I'm done with what has my focus right now." A forced slowing down of energy, honing in on the detail of what's in front of me at that moment. I will not be rushed away from the beauty of bringing all my attention and effort front and center to what currently has me in its clutches.

My best doing means I'm invested, connected, and deeply involved with each task, and committed to its completion; the beckoning noise of all that's still left to do elsewhere is silenced.

When I choose to quiet the other commotion wanting to intermingle, I'm rewarded with sanity and the task masters gain their desired end result. Everyone benefits, no one is a loser.