Thursday, March 5, 2015

Calm Awaits

Life happens to us, mostly; entanglement requiring our effort happens when we feel driven to accomplish whatever goal, end result or need that comes up. I'd like to think I have life happen to me and give it the appropriate response. I see so many who would choose to deflect or ignore.

That's dangerous.

Responding to life, situations, people, whatever.... it's important. Many don't think so or they are afraid. Too much thinking, too much involvement, too much drama... they only believe it will end badly thereby relinquishing their contribution to solving it. Bullshit.

Ignoring, deflecting... that's the dangerous part.

Many times we don't address what happens to us individually because either life happens and we're overwhelmed or we've put something out there that comes back to us to attend to and we're afraid of the consequences. It's because we think it creates drama and more problems. But we must fix, address or take care of seeing that it receives a resolution. Otherwise, it will continue to rear its head, begging for closure.

Go there, do it... end it. Calm awaits.