Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Way To Love

The Paper Wall

Love soothes, but only with genuine empathy.
                    Don't remove my struggle from my control.
                              Let me gain the knowledge I need to grow.
                                        Be by my side, watch me heal.
                                                  See the places where it takes me.

Love doesn't fix things. It just eases the conflict. 
                    Don't be the answer to my problems, my wannabe protector.
                              Be my companion on my own personal journey. 
                                        Enjoy my company, enhance my experience,
                                                  and inspire me by the path you take.

Love doesn't happen in a vacuum. It needs you and me, together.
                    Free from distrust, anxiety, worry, anger, and shame.
                              It's a warm place, filled with comfort and ease.
                                        It's a space where wholeness resides.
                                                  Our happy place, created together. 
Love feels easy, but people are hard. They're complicated and stupid.
                    Don't sabotage a good thing, intentionally or unintentionally.
                              Remember I'm who you love; you know why you do.
                                        Fill any distance with kindness and care.
                                                  Especially those times when you're sad.

Love always wants more quality-rich lingering moments of sweetness.
                    Any effort on your part to provide them is cherished.
                              Your reward is acquiescence to almost anything.
                                        Comfort and pleasure is had by the both of us.
                                                  Don't hold back. Give me what I crave.

Love is required. And love is needed.                         

Monday, May 9, 2016


I pay attention to your story. It's what a friend is supposed to do.

Support, acknowledgement, and love... for you... always.

But the struggles you had when I wasn't there to ease you through, not working through your shit with you and being there to help you stay ahead of what else was coming your way... I'm sorry for that. :(

I'm your friend. Your need is my command... always.

I listen, but I also hear you. You are inside, forged into me so long ago.


Best friend means I owe you as much adoration and acceptance as I give myself.

You deserve it.

Monday, May 2, 2016

On Feeling After Always
It's an intense rush. Feeling pleasure only, the world falling away from under you. It's like being displaced to another dimension. One so exquisite you'd care to stay forever, but the sheer force of ecstasy threatens to exhaust you into annihilation if you dared. You ride the waves until they are only small ripples of pleasure.

After is the calm bliss. The aftermath of the beautiful storm. No tension, no anxiety. Just an easy space your body and your mind relaxes into. It's a place of peace and serenity. Clarity comes easy, and without the baggage of hectic. The engaged in the day-to-day mind is on hold, erased from your existence for a short time. You flourish in a liquid feel of comfort and ease. An intentional personal escape from reality.

Oh, to be in the After state of mind every minute of every day! Who wouldn't want to have an existence of pure bliss? Utterly at peace in your mind and in your being. What life interjects would no longer be an issue because your response is one of not being affected... by any of it. Your inner peace rules how life is perceived.

If there is a utopia, I imagine it would look and feel just like that.