Friday, December 13, 2013

Another Journey

My writing seems to want to branch out in a new direction lately.

What started with Susi's Soap Box has splintered off a bit into a more serene place. I guess getting all the frustration and aggression out on that blog has created a need to balance it with thoughtful reflection and gentler approaches to my life events. I want understanding and change, and a more positive outcome than just ranting about what moves me at the moment.

Feel at ease here, hopefully reveling in whatever discoveries I make. Feel free to share whatever enlightens you or touches you deeply. If you reach a new level of understanding about yourself, your situation or the world we live in, then I'll consider that a success and know that I'm smiling with you... or crying. Being intensely human with you, sharing the best I have to offer... that's my giving back to hopefully creating a more humane world.

Enjoy your PhiloSusi studies! :)