Friday, December 13, 2013

Another Journey

My writing seems to want to branch out in a new direction lately.

What started with Susi's Soap Box has splintered off a bit into a more serene place. I guess getting all the frustration and aggression out on that blog has created a need to balance it with thoughtful reflection and gentler approaches to my life events. I want understanding and change, and a more positive outcome than just ranting about what moves me at the moment.

Feel at ease here, hopefully reveling in whatever discoveries I make. Feel free to share whatever enlightens you or touches you deeply. If you reach a new level of understanding about yourself, your situation or the world we live in, then I'll consider that a success and know that I'm smiling with you... or crying. Being intensely human with you, sharing the best I have to offer... that's my giving back to hopefully creating a more humane world.

Enjoy your PhiloSusi studies! :)


  1. I think it was initially summed up for me in 12 steps...until i was not wasting my gifts I'm a self destructive way. Now it has morphed into my pursuit of peace & serenity through many creative endeavors from gardening to drawing & painting, to photography & the great outdoors. I love being with people but I also have a lot of hobbies and interests that I can completely consumer or immersed in and spend long periods alone doing.

  2. I hate writing on my phone it is not peaceful nor does it create serenity, when what you'ce written ends up not being completely the way you intended it to be

  3. well, do let us know what you intended to write when you get off your phone. :)