Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jostled About

The clip from the movie American Beauty suggests this life is impacted by a benevolent being or god and he sends a message... through a plastic bag. Life is inherently beautiful even in the most meaningless ways.

My take-away from this clip and many other occasions when I've encountered plastic bags floating along the winds and bumping into obstacles, redirected with each collision is that in many ways many people bounce along in their lives waiting for that inevitable event to set the direction for the next step to take.

I've lived through some of those people. It always reminded me of being taken for a ride, blind-folded, to an undisclosed location rather than being the driver expecting to arrive at a certain destination of my choosing. These people are being thrown about every which way, not having the strength to defend against all the assaults they encounter. Life happens to them rather than them taking a good hard look at life and telling it what the expectations of that relationship means to them.

My journey may try to impact me, and I will feel the blows, but the only thing that shifts about my presence in this world is a deep resurfacing of my resolve that I will not deviate from the course I plot; I will stabilize and I will maintain... and I will arrive.

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  1. This blog makes me think of my own life. I have encountered a lot of heavy blows, but I have always been able to find a way out of the tornado, which sometimes has been really hard and took a lot of strength. I hope and wish that everybody who finds himself being blown around, will eventually find his way back into calm and steady winds to be able to sail with the wind to reach whichever shore or harbor they wish to go to.