Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks for...

These are memories that cropped up not only today, but have throughout my year. They remind me I have experienced many moments in life I'm grateful for. Some of you will recognize yourselves as the contributor to my happiness, others who gave me pain. I say these things with cheer, with love, with irony, with sarcasm and with pain. Because that's what life is full of and what we all experience.

To you who shaped my life, thanks for...

  • that time when you pulled me into sunlight to give me warmth.
  • leaving me in the dark to find my own way.
  • lovingly looking up at me and melting my heart.
  • cutting the cord gently.
  • telling me you loved me when it hadn't come easy to do so for years.
  • never giving me the love I deserved.
  • having my back in difficult situations.
  • teaching me to fend for myself.
  • those moments with you when I laughed until I couldn't breathe.
  • those moments about you when I cried until I couldn't breathe.
  • letting me heal when I was hurt.
  • watching me bleed.
  • coming back full force into my life.
  • making an exit I never saw coming.
  • the thousands of hugs and kisses I've had over my lifetime.
  • the distance between us.
  • dance sessions that seemed to last forever.
  • long naps with big arms and warm blankets.
  • saving my sorry ass from financial ruin.
  • just taking, and taking, and taking from me.
  • teaching me how to love well and openly.
  • showing me how 'your love' will just hurt.
  • appreciating me.
  • taking advantage of me.
  • digging into my aching muscles.
  • for being the one who creates the tightness.
  • out of the blue sending me a private message the day I needed comfort and support.
  • publicly calling me out to tear me down just a little bit more.
  • spending your time with me, teaching me your wisdom.
  • contributing absolutely nothing.
  • gifting me with a love for learning.
  • those moments you ingested nothing.
  • ease of our relationship.
  • the hard-knock life.
  • helping me achieve the level of comfort I enjoy today.
  • those with their accessorized lifestyles who look down on everyone else beneath them.
  • lifting me up with kind words.
  • shutting me down with your hatred.
  • being honest with me, always.
  • lying to me on more occasions than I can count.
  • the intelligent, passionate and spirited debates we've had.
  • closing your mind to finding truth and reality.
  • your good nature and naivete.
  • your bigoted willful ignorance.
  • introducing yourself and sharing your story with me.
  • hiding who you are from the world.
  • teaching me how to snark, and to cull the bullshit from the truth.
  • the biting comments intended to hurt.
  • your smile that's meant for only me.
  • the attitude when it's not warranted.
  • long lunches and good conversation.
  • always saying 'let's get together' and then... nothing.
  • telling me you love who I am and what I'm about.
  • tearing me down when you don't even know me. 
  • giving me life.
  • not preparing me for it.

This list is incomplete, there are millions more emotions, life experiences and moments I've captured in my head. These are just a few that have somewhat influenced me and what I've become.


  1. Ah, Life! The bouquet of a million different emotions, all at once, all the time.
    Thank YOU for this!