Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Crossed Into Darkness

Grief, sadness, anger, confusion - I drowned in it.
Adrenaline got me through.

Exhaustion and the after-effects of tragedy leave me numb.

My eyes are less wet now.
Thankfully not the torrents of before.

Overcoming the emotions crosses my mind. Likely not for some time.

I'm seeing the spectrum of human response being split off in ten thousand conversations.
More grief, sadness, anger, and confusion.

We all think we have the answers to all the whys and what-ifs, we don't; we just have more questions.

Chase one thought, a multitude more pop up to reflect on.

Mentally being banged up against a cerebral shoreline over and over again.
Each crash is opening a new wound.

It's draining, and it's dark.

Eventually, it will cease to have the hold on me but it doesn't change the fact my life feels less bright.