Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Unease In The Loud... The Calm in The Quiet

Quiet, requesting quiet   

Not always achieving it.


... repetitive thoughts
... loud, angry, ignorant and stupid voices intruding on my space
... heavy machinery pounding, scraping, banging
... dealing with... any and all problems that come my way
... cars honking, people shouting, children screeching
... hectic ambulances hurrying by, police sirens blazing loudly

All I want is tranquility... peace... and quiet.

Shutting it all out now, opening up into another realm of consciousness...

Intentionally, purposefully and driven to achieve a deep level of down-time for my sanity.

The focus on serenity, on relaxation, listening to the whispers of quieting nature takes me there.

Welcome back all the pieces of me strewn about, put back whole inside of me now.

The soothing quiet lifts me buoyantly and gracefully to a place of gentle stability... mind and body connecting once again. Unease replaced by the calm in the quiet... strength restored.


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